• Assembly of cards in SMT, BGA, PTH and mixed technology for prototypes, small and medium production volumes (up to 40000 components / h).

  • Assembly of COB (Chip-On-Board) boards for applications that require the direct use of silicon die (ASIC, masked MCU, LCD drivers, reverse engineering protection) for small and large production volumes.

  • Programming, calibrations on individual parts, with standard or specifically designed instruments.

  • Complete wiring and mechanical assembly of the boards with any mechanical parts required.

  • Turn-key finished products complete with marking, boxes, labeling and packaging.

C.O.B. (Chip On Board)

EXEL develops and produces modules with C.O.B. technology (Chip on board) and M.C.M. (Multichip module) for customers and exclusive products.

C.O.B. technology it is suitable for those applications where the reduction in size is a primary specification, together with the reduction in consumption and production costs.

The M.C.M. can be used for high-density component modules or complex integrated circuits. In both cases, samples are provided for approval, pre-production and mass production.

Small and medium productions are also made.

Thanks to the CO. the die is connected to a conventional FR4 printed circuit board or other material.

Subsequently, the chip is bonded and finally covered with resin.

Thanks to the C.O.B. technology it is possible to use many chips normally used in packages such as BGA, QFP, SOIC, and to mount the silicon directly on the support of the standard printed card with a considerable saving with regard to large productions.


  • Automatic optical control on exit from the SMT and PTH assembly line.

  • Functional and parametric checks on each piece and / or sample during the different phases of the production flow (on semi-finished products) with the aim of intercepting the manifest or latent defects and improving the reliability of the finished product

  • Functional tests on the finished product manual or by means of specifically designed and manufactured automatic equipment.

  • Duration tests at room temperature or in a climatic chamber.