Why choose EXEL?

Custom electronics

EXEL excels in the turnkey supply of highly customized hardware and software solutions.

One team

Exel can count on an internal R&D team with consolidated experience in electronic design, gained in various sectors.


The products developed range from wearable inertial sensors to Linux-based display units connected in IoT mode.

Application fields

  • Food equipment

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  • Man-machine interface

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  • Medical

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  • Industrial and automotive

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  • Building automation

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  • Meeting and tourism

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Bluetooth inertial sensor

Used in multiple application areas, such as in the medical field and in combination with appropriate software for data analysis, as an aid to the diagnosis and evaluation of the course of neurodegenerative diseases such as Parkinson’s disease or for assessing the risk of falling (fall risk assessment) in elderly patients suffering from reduced motor skills.

Our products