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Exel is a company specialized in the design and production of electronic boards with a high technological and innovation content. The headquarters is located in Bologna, while in Loiano, on the Bolognese hills, there is a production site.

Exel is able to provide its customers with turnkey solutions. The starting point is a customer concept, which is accompanied up to the final product, both for the design and production part (from product samples to mass production). Exel is positioned as a reference supplier for customers with small and medium volumes.

Our strengths are: highly customized solutions, flexibility, speed in adapting to rapidly changing needs, technological know-how matured in 30 years of experience in the field of embedded electronic design.

The design, assembly and testing are carried out entirely in Italy, in order to maintain a first-rate quality standard. The control of the entire supply chain also makes it possible to achieve highly optimized final products, since from the design phase production and testing requirements are taken into account.

The engineering department uses the latest generation instrumentation for design and debugging; we can count on engineers with decades of experience in the field of electronic design, both hardware and software.
The production department can rely on machinery and procedures that are in line with the highest quality standards.

Entrepreneurial spirit, family environment, and a strong vocation for innovation have accompanied the history of Exel.

During recent years, EXEL has participated, as an industrial partner, in innovative international research projects in the medical field, and more specifically in the area of ​​diagnosis and treatment of neuro-motor pathologies. This activity has allowed EXEL to develop considerable skills in the development and production of devices for bio-mechanical applications that use inertial sensors (accelerometers and gyroscopes).

The product called EXL-S3 – a “wearable” inertial sensor capable of detecting position and speed data of the articular segments (limbs, trunk and head) of the person wearing it – exploits the know-how gained in the context of such research projects.

The EXL-S3 sensor marketed by EXEL is currently used in multiple application environments, such as, for example, in the medical field and in combination with special software for data analysis, as an aid to the diagnosis and evaluation of the course of neurodegenerative diseases such as Parkinson’s disease or fall risk assessment in elderly patients suffering from reduced motor skills. The EXL-S3 sensors are also used in orthopedics within a platform for physiotherapy rehabilitation makes use of a software application, very similar to a video game, which performs constant and precise monitoring of the patient’s movements during the execution of rehabilitation exercises.

The system, in addition to guiding the patient in the correct execution of the same, also allows a quality assessment, allowing operators to optimize the rehabilitation process in order to reduce recovery times. The EXLs3 sensor is also used in the medical sports field, with the aid of a dynamic jump analysis application running on a tablet, for the evaluation of athletes’ performance. This allows the evaluation of improvements following training or any accident recovery paths.

Still in the professional sports field, it is used for the acquisition and bio-mechanical analysis of the athletes’ technical gesture, both for study purposes and for improving sports performance. The operation of the EXL-S3 device is based on the latest generation 9-axis inertial sensors. The acquired data is processed by a 32-bit microprocessor and sent via a wireless Bluetooth connection to a central unit (computer or smartphone), on which a software is running, of a different type depending on the application, which analyzes the data and provides the results to the user.

Over the years, important competences have also been acquired in the digital radio communications sector, used for example for the development of wireless systems for electronic voting in the shareholders’ meetings of important banking and insurance groups.

These voting systems, highly customized according to the Customer’s needs, are characterized by benchmark performance and reliability standards.

More recently, several research projects have been launched in the coffee machine sector. In fact Exel actively collaborates with Carimali, a leading Italian manufacturer of “super-automatic” machines

An RFID / NFC module has been developed to be installed in Carimali machines, which allows the user of the machine, through his smartphone, to interact with it, leveraging features such as: user profiling, possibility to set some machine parameters , enable payment.

A project is being developed for the creation of an intelligent graphic interface for Carimali machines, based on a capacitive touchscreen and a control card that makes all the latest technologies available in terms of connectivity (WiFi ac, bluetooth 5.0) and yes based on the Linux operating system. This new product will allow consumers to have an innovative interaction experience with the coffee machine.

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